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Meaning relations: 'No ball' Has lost her ball
Lexcial and Grammatical stage: 12-18 months
Dore's function: Getting attention by shouting
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Piaget's stages: Age 7-11 years
Dore's function: Greeting someone or something
Dore's functions: Naming a person, object or thing
Dore's functions: Asking for something to be done for them
Negative formation: No wear shoes
Early phonological errors: do(g)
Pre-verbal stage:6-12 months
Meaning relations: 'Me ball' Child kicks ball
Pre-verbal stage: 9-12 months
Meaning relations: 'Sit chair' child sits on the chair
Dore's function: Objecting to request from others
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Meaning relations: 'Kitty big' Sees tigers at zoo
Meaning relations: 'More ball' finds a second ball
Piaget's stages: Age up to 2 years
Negative formation: No, I don't want to go to nursery I am not.
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Halliday's functions: 'love you'
Halliday's functions: 'pick up'
Halliday's functions: 'me shopkeeper'
Meaning relations: 'That cake' that is a cake
Types of sound: b,d, g
Meaning relations: 'Throw stick' Child throws stick
Pre-verbal stage: 4-7 months
Pre-verbal stage: 0-4 months
Types of overextension: Saying 'duck' when looking at an empty pond
Types of overextension: Ball used for a round fruit
Meaning relations: 'Daddy kick' Dad kicks ball
Types of overextension: Apple is used for all round fruits
Early phonological errors: 'nana' for 'banana'
Halliday's functions: 'it hot'
Types of sound: f, t, s, ∫
Piaget's stages: Age 11+ years
Piaget's stages: Age 2-7 years
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Meaning relations: 'Daddy coat' Points to dads coat
The first stage in Aitchison's stages of children's development
Types of sound: t∫
Types of sound: m, n, η
Early phonological errors: 'gog' for 'dog'
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Early phonological errors: 'pip' for 'ship'
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Meaning relations: 'Spoon table' spoon is on the table
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Negative formation: I no want it
The last stage in Aitchison's stages of children's linguistic development
Dore's functions: Responding to an utterance of another speaker
Lexical and Grammatical stage: 24-36 months
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Early phonological errors: dada
Early phonological errors: doggie
Dore's functions: Repeating an adult word or utterance
Types of sound: d
Types of sound: I
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Types of sound: p, t, k
Lexical and Grammatical stage: 18-24 months
The second stage in Aitchison's stages of children's linguistic development
Halliday's functions: 'me like Charlie and Lola'
Halliday's functions: 'wassat?'
Lexical and Grammatical stage: 36+ months
Types of sound: j
Types of sound: v, δ, z,
Dore's function: Using language when no adult is present
Early phonological errors: 'pider' for 'spider'
Types of sound: w, r
Halliday's functions: 'want milk'
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