Bob Dylan Characters

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Can you name the Dylan songs in which these characters appear?

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lonesome organ grinder, Queen of Spades
jacks and queens, cross-eyed pirates, King Kong
Will O' Conley
Johnny, Maggie
Jack the Ripper, John the Baptist, Gypsy Davey
President Kennedy, great-granddaughter of Mr Clean
Abraham, Georgia Sam, Louie the King,
sword swallower, one-eyed midget, Mr Jones
Cinderella, Ophelia, Casanova
ragman, Shakespeare, rainman,
William Zanzinger
Louise, jelly-faced women, the peddler
Patty Valentine, Bello, Rubin Carter
Captain Arab, Columbus
mystery tramp, Napoleon in rags
joker, thief
savage soldier, Aladdin, gray flannel dwarf

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