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Can you name the following things named from Greek or Roman mythology?

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Superbowl XXXIV loser
2007 Jennifer Garner film
Also known as a steam organ
Might be confused with the Milky Way?
'4 out of 5 dentists recommend it'
Band known for the hits 'Lady' and 'Best of Times'
Queen's lead?
Wonder woman's alter ego
Cousteau's conveyance
'I'm Yours' is his
Leader of 'The Three Investigators' in children's literature
Rand McNally or Hammond product
Jeff Bezos' brilliant idea
18th President of the United States
1995 Ron Howard Movie
Dionaea muscipula
Literary detective who has been played by Peter Ustinov, Tony Randall, and Albert Finney
It's responsible for eye color
Where you might go to 'Live Long and Prosper'
'My Fair Lady' predecessor
Last Miss Marple novel written or last Star Trek: Next Generation movie
Cardiologist's test
1972 movie featuring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, and Shelley Winters
What you'd be if 'You're So Vain' was written about you
One of Scooby Doo's cohorts
A possible cause of vertigo
Disney's Sleeping Beauty
Town and Country competitor
'Avatar' planet
Oysters or rhinoceros horn, maybe
Disney Dog
2005 title role for Jennifer Garner (alternate spelling)
1961 hit song by Sam Cooke
They 'Just Do It'
Suns' home
It gave us 'Terminator', 'Amadeus', and 'Dances with Wolves'
Muffler maven
Heroine in Hannah Barbera's 'Wacky Races'
Colgate-Palmolive cleaning product
This noise might make you pull off the road
Michael Crichton's first novel (under his own name)

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