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Do the fancy vines shoot brains?1956,1978
Prim? No, sappy!1964
Iron threat met1984
Brett's honey urges it--oh, mama!1998
Women in Goth wilt2008/2009 (two related movies mixed together!)
N. won; we hide tight1939
Fat man, leech stole1941
End bent hair stiffener, OK?1935
M. Ryan: What's her yell?1989
An inane smutty retro spoof a la Myers, in twin1997
True fellow is a find1946
They lampoon anything: thy lord1975
Aha! The card! I can tune mind!1962,2004
Fast tart is fab NY fake1961
OO Spy's Cut1983
Hot fedora stalker, sir!1981
Enter on a USA trail2004
Read: edgy Brits join2001
'Obi Wan' vet irked right here1957
The bunch to sue Al1987
Move it, AOL guy!1998
Flee, Frodo! Help with this strong hero/elf thing!2001
A chewy flick; or, how not to eat all candy1971
Need hint? Short, we saved wan SWF1937
Amp and I, loony teen2004
Re: town fire one night1974

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