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Common legume
First name of model who holds the record for Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers
King Arthur's brother
Actress Sandra who was the subject of a song in 'Grease'
Arthur of television fame
Currently the world's largest fashion magazine
Common member of the order Hymenoptera
Tiger's is 2 1/4 inches long
Coniferous tree or shrub of the genus Taxus
Red, Black, or White, for example
Former spouse
Ovine female
Last name of comedian born David Daniel Kominsky
Putnam County had a musical one
Pronoun for Brutus
Was victorious
Can precede ball, teeth, or candy
Colorful bird related to the magpie
Beaver exclamation
Type of ball, stick, or card
Yes, sir!
Be in debt to
Can precede boy, man, or God
Towards the front of the boat
The first US chief justice of the Supreme Court
Green, Black, or White, for example
Use your peepers
Henry Gale's wife

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