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Can you name the words that can have 'A' added to the beginning to create a new word?

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A Wall Street principle accepted by everyone
More than one time advancement
A Guatemalan chicken god
Great pirate's saying
Attempt at a faster way to e-mail
The route to get to your wedding in Oahu or Maui
A lot of bother about a hairstyle
Turned around during a boxing match
Pretty intense
How much for a horse?
An American Beauty awoke
British garden feature can be surprising
Distasteful of limericks, for example
A mother of a man who had no father
A green symbol in days past
Calliope is one that can entertain
Start of Al Pacino movie is reaching new heights
Disney heroine that can really get under your skin
Lost badly at Fenway or Yankee Stadium
A tree's early stage as a vegetable
A tomato's pleasant odor
Card game cut short
A means to be on vacation, for example
A fellow spy
Apologize for a pitch
Illegally encourage gambling activity
Bikini stops motorists in their tracks!
Scarf for Sean Connery or Gerard Butler
Too bad about the lyrics to a forgotten song
Stay far away from a vacuum
The end of humanity
Prize from Dick Grayson, to Bruce Wayne

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