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Can you name the words that can have 'A' added to the beginning to create a new word?

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Stay far away from a vacuum
A Guatemalan chicken god
The route to get to your wedding in Oahu or Maui
An American Beauty awoke
The end of humanity
Turned around during a boxing match
A lot of bother about a hairstyle
A tree's early stage as a vegetable
Distasteful of limericks, for example
Bikini stops motorists in their tracks!
Lost badly at Fenway or Yankee Stadium
Attempt at a faster way to e-mail
More than one time advancement
Calliope is one that can entertain
Scarf for Sean Connery or Gerard Butler
Card game cut short
A Wall Street principle accepted by everyone
Disney heroine that can really get under your skin
How much for a horse?
Pretty intense
A fellow spy
British garden feature can be surprising
A tomato's pleasant odor
A means to be on vacation, for example
Start of Al Pacino movie is reaching new heights
Illegally encourage gambling activity
A green symbol in days past
Too bad about the lyrics to a forgotten song
Great pirate's saying
Prize from Dick Grayson, to Bruce Wayne
A mother of a man who had no father
Apologize for a pitch

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