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EnglishFrench with preposition
to manage to
to enjoy oneself
to forget to
begin to
to choose to
to hesitate to
to refuser to
to practice
to expect to
to stop
to manage to/succeed in
spend one's time doing
to hurry to
to be burning to
to resign oneself to
to refrain from
to tend to
to refrain from
to consent to
to undertake to
to try to
to marvel at
to devote oneself to
to succeed in
to be thinking of doing
to avoid
to deserve to
EnglishFrench with preposition
to risk
to talk about
to make sure to/see that something is done
to regret
to finish
to apologize for
to be interested in
to persist stubbornly in
to hurry to
to decide to
to fear
to get used to
to insist on
to set out /mean/intend to
to try to
to resolve to
to promise to
to intend to
to claim to (be able to)
to have to
to be thinking of doing
to get ready to
to agree to
to learn how to
to get/be bored
to make up one's mind to

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