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Can you name the the top 25 LIVE ACTION movies of the 2000s NOT based on previous material or sequels?

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Box Office (in Millions)MovieYear
$2462.82009/ Sam Worthington
$769.52009/ John Cusack
$624.42008/ Will Smith
$544.32004/ Dennis Quaid
$484.62003/ Jim Carrey
$478.22005/ Brad Pitt
$467.32009/ Bradley Cooper
$457.62000/ Russell Crowe
$456.82003/ Tom Cruise
$449.22001/ Ben Affleck
$429.62000/ Tom Hanks
$408.22002/ Mel Gibson
$374.12000/ Mel Gibson
Box Office (in Millions)MovieYear
$368.72002/ Nia Vardalos
$368.12005/ Will Smith
$347.52005/ Nicolas Cage
$340.52007/ Amy Adams
$330.42000/ Ben Stiller
$314.72009/ Sandra Bullock
$313.62009/ Brad Pitt
$291.42000/ Harrison Ford
$285.22005/ Vince Vaughn
$278.02000/ Anna Faris
$277.42002/ Vin Diesel
$269.82008/ Steven Strait

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