Useless Facts about Mercury

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Diameter (km)
Diameter (mi)
Average Orbit around sun (km) in millions
Orbital Speed (km/s)
Orbital Period (earth days)
Rotational Period about axis (earth days)
interval between one sunrise and the next (earth days)
Distance from sun when farthest (km)
Distance from sun when closest (km)
Distance from earth when closest (km)
Max Temperature during day (C)
Min temperature during night (C)
Gravity (m/s)
Escape Velocity (km/s)
Mass (km) 5.5% of Earths
Volume (km^3) 5.6% of Earths
Most abundant element (42%)
second Most abundant element (29%)
Third Most abundant element (22%)
Fourth Most abundant element (6%)
Fifth most abundant element (.5%)
Which Greek god is equated with mercury?

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