Half-lives of Common Radionuclides

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Can you name the Half-lives of these common Radionuclides used in Nuclear Medicine?

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NuclideHalf-lifeDecay Mode
Iodine 125
Oxygen 15
Samarium 153
Indium 113m
Rubidium 82
Chromium 51
Indium 111
Molybdenum 99
Strontium 89
Nitrogen 13
Gallium 68
Carbon 14
NuclideHalf-lifeDecay Mode
Fluorine 18
Phosphorus 32
Gallium 67
Iodine 131
Iodine 123
Technetium 99m
Cobolt 57
Thallium 201
Carbon 11
Cesium 137
Xenon 133

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