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Can you name the Superheros and villians with fire based powers?

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First AppearanceNameHint
Uncanny X-men #101Formerly Marvel Girl
Detective Comics #469Inspiration for Blight on Batman Beyond
Superfriends #25Member of the Justice League, makes green fire
Detective Comics #184No actual powers, Batman villian
Uncanny X-men #64Japanese Mutant
Legionnaires #21Member of the Legion of Superheroes
Flash #140Member of the Flash rogue gallery
New Mutants #8Brazilian mutant
Mystic Comics #5Former Invader, Former Defender
Thor #225Herald of Galactus
Static #1Biz Money B in the comic or F-Stop in the cartoon
Human Torch Comics #2Fire Android's sidekick
Avengers #192One time Avenger villian, currently deceased
Marvel Comics #1Andriod that bursts into flames when exposed to oxygen
First AppearanceNameHint
Deathmate Black Member of Gen13
Hellboy: Seed of DestructionHellboy's girlfriend in the movies, last name Sherman
Teen Titans (vol. 2) #1Also known as Slagger or Joto
Peter Parker: Spider-Man #11Gets his power from the same place Juggernaut does
The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #265Member of the Avengers
Marvel Spotlight #5Sometimes refered to as bonehead
Green Lantern (vol. 3) #110Able to create fire similar to Green Lantern
Fantastic Four #164Herald of Galactus from earth
Legends #1'Engine of Destruction' sent by Darkseid to Earth
Uncanny X-men #193First appearance the cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
Fantastic Four #1Sue Storm's brother
Uncanny X-men #141Can manipulate fire but not create it
Adventure Comics #306Member of the Legion of Superheroes
Ghost Rider (vol. 2) #8First known as Silfer, now a demon villian

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