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Can you name the new TV shows created when a letter is removed?

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A first person account of anger management takes center stage in this period drama.
A winged mammal plays Cupid in this 70's sitcom.
A reality competition where 24 men and women discover their low BMI can't keep them from getting down.
This modern day sitcom follows a group of experts discussing the idea that the universe originated in a large paper sack.
A group of soldiers pay tribute to their miniature glasses of liquor in this children's comedy.
A dramedy about the ooey-gooey fate of dinosaurs in America.
This 90's sitcom details the exploits of a group of demons and evil spirits in New York.
A medical drama about the tubing used for siphoning.
Contestants win cash and prizes by eating the last slice of bread on this game show.
This sci-fi series illustrates the struggles of a prostitute with a Ph.D.
A sitcom about a boy's desire for dried fruit.
This ground breaking reality series documents 8 letters trying to arrange themselves in a meaningful way.
A murder mystery about fraternal siblings born in a seed pod.
A family sitcom about makeovers for gardening equipment.
An undeveloped piece of urban real estate leads to endless questions on this supernatural mystery.
A short lived series about something that happened on or around an airduct.
Our title character hasn't quite figured out deodorant on this teen drama.
A mockumentary about the various social activities on Noah's fleet.
A 70's sitcom about a woman carrying on a conversation with a pine.
A woman listens to her son recount the story of his birth in this modern day sitcom.

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