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Definition & First Letter
Lack of something - A
Where you live! - A
Relating to the North Pole - A
Start - B
Horrible vegetable! - B
List of days - C
Spirit of togetherness - C
Where to find dead people - C
Liable to alter - C
Diligent - C
Awake - C
Mislead - D
Positive - D
Dan or Housewives? - D
Unfortunate medical condition! - D
Catastrophic - D
Rapture - E
Cause to blush - E
Cause curiosity or wonder - F
Shortest Month - F
Definition & First Letter
Type of lightbulb - F
Not native - F
They make decisions for us (not normally the correct ones!) - G
Full of Thanks - G
Assurance - G
Annoy - H
Not reliant on others - I
Bling - J
Payment for child support - M
1000 years - M
Assorted - M
Impish - M
Essential - N
Event or happening - O
Go before - P
Irrational assumption - P
Special treat - P
Musical beat - R
Blasphemous - S
Distinct, apart - S

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