Under Pressure

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Can you name the answers according to Queen/Bowie's 'Under Pressure'?

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QuestionAnswer (according to lyrics)
Who does pressure push down on?
Who does pressure press down on?
Who ''ask for'?
Thing being under pressure does
Thing being under pressure does
Thing being under pressure does
How do Queen/Bowie feel about the 'be da da dum'-ing?
What is it the terror of knowing?
What are some good friends screaming
'Pray tomorrow gets me _______'
Who else is pressure on?
While 'chippin' around', what is kicked around the floor?
What never happens these days?
But what DOES it do?
Where are people?
Queen/Bowie 'turned away from it all like' who?
QuestionAnswer (according to lyrics)
They 'sat on a fence', but...
What's wrong with the love they keep coming up with?
What do Queen/Bowie ask themselves three times?
Who/What laughs?
What are they doing under pressure?
'Can't we give _______ one more chance'
What can't we give 'that one more chance'
Two words repeat several times in a row. What are they?
Love's such a what?
Love dares you to what?
For whom?
And love dares you to change our way of what?
This is our _____ ?
This is _______?
What are the last five words?

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