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The degree to which two sets of data are related
Eponymous method for finding the determinant of a 3x3 matrix
Perimeter of a circle
A value which does not change
Figure formed by revolving a rectangle around one of its axes
Preliminary name for a theory which has yet to be proven
Figure formed by rotating an angle around its bisector
Branch of mathematics concerned with codes and ciphers
Three-dimensional counterpart of a square
Rule used to differentiate a function composition
Term used to describe a set which contains all of its limit points
Function which is equal to 1 for values in a certain group and 0 otherwise
A theorem which is essentially a specialization of one immediately preceeding it
Process in which one function's output becomes the input for the next function
Theory commonly associated with the 'butterfly effect'
Common name for x-y plane
Set formed by repeatedly removing middle third of all remaining segments, ad infinitum. Named after originator of set theory.
The ratio of adjacent side to hypotenuse
The math of variation. Literally, 'little pebble'
Term for two or more points which lie on the same line
Any line segment connecting two points on a curve
Function which 'rounds up' to the nearest integer
Identical in size and shape
Another term for non-quantitative data
General name for numbers of the form a + b*i
Any of four type of intersection between a plane and a cone
The locus of all points in a plane equidistant from a given point
Two angles whose sum is 90 degrees
An integer which is the product of two others
Branch of mathematics closely associated to probability. Deals with counting possibilities

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