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If Everton hosted Liverpool in the Copa Libertadores, in which country would the game be played?
Which player was dropped after scoring a record 13 goals in a World Cup Qualifying match?
Who was the first non-British or Irish player to score from a penalty in an FA Cup Final?
Which country has played World Cup Qualifying matches in every FIFA Confederation?
Which club that plays in a secondary USA league once reached the semi-finals of the Concacaf Champions League?
Which is the odd club out: Wellington Phoenix, Rabat Ajax, Cardiff City, Vancouver Whitecaps?
Which country's 2010 World Cup squad included players born in England and Germany?
If a player taking a direct free-kick accidentally kicks the ball into his own goal, what is awarded?
Who was the first player to miss a penalty in a World Cup Final?
Which country won 'The Other Final' in 2002, the same day as the World Cup Final?
Which famous player was nicknamed 'The Black Pearl'?
Clubs from which country won five consecutive European Cup Finals 1-0?
According to some reports, which country withdrew from the World Cup Finals because they weren't allowed to play barefoot?
Who was denied a goal by referee Clive Thomas in a 1978 World Cup Finals match?
Which African country was the first to win a World Cup Finals game?
In which year did all four British countries play in the World Cup Finals?
How many times did Brazil play West Germany in the World Cup Finals?
Who scored the winning FA Cup Final goal between Sunderland and Villa at Wembley?
What was the name of the dog who discovered the World Cup in 1966 after it had been stolen?
In which country's league do Eleven Men In Flight compete?

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