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Society that made giant palaces and had great works of art, laws, and written records
City located at the Base of Mesopotamia (6)6
Temple that housed the Ark of the Covenant
Raiders that sailed the Mediterranean Sea, trying to take out cultures including the Minoan and Mycenean cultures
Writing that was never decipehered, written by Minoans
Deep narrow shaft sunk into natural rock, then placed bodies in the bottom
One of the earliest known literary works. Poem found in Iraq. 27th Century BCE
King of Hebrews who united the state, defeated the philistines, and established Jerusalem as the capital
Considered the first official king of Egypt. Pharroh of Egypt in 32nd BCE predynastic period
One of the oldest continuously inhabited sites, located in Israel (8)8
Regarded as the most succesful and powerful pharroh of all time
Fifth pharroh of the 18th Egyptian dynasty. Known as the best female pharroh in Egyptian history
Island that experienced giant volcanic eruption (3)3
Cave in France where some of the first cave paintings in history were drawn (1)1
One of the first literary pieces written praising the River that supported their lives
Site in Greece that was one of the largest Greek centers for the Mycenean civilization (5)5
First known architect, chancellor of the king of Egypt, doctor, and more
River basin at the begining of Mesopotamia (6)6
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First practice of growing different crops and having a healthier diet
The second book of the Torah, describing Moses leading the jews out of Egypt
monuments on top of mountains that have temples at the top
Great hall in Mycenean palaces used for worship
Described in Genesis in the bible, had 3 descendants: Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph
Transition from hunting and gathering to agricultural and settlements. (New Stone Age)
Site of the Great Pyramids of Giza, west of Cairo in Egypt (9)9
religion with multiple gods
The first pharroh to suggest that there was only one god, which changed the traditional polytheistic ways
Script used in Mycenean Greece, translated and produced the first greek alphabet
Burial site that is characterized by its dome shape, formed by succesively larger rings
King who weakened the kingdoms, at his death the monarchy split and created Israel in the north, and Judah in the south
The first known written law systems. Written in Babylon by the sixth emperor of Babylonia. 1790 BCE
Ancient Indus Valley civilization that was around during the time of Mesopotamia (7)7
Minoan palace on the island of Crete (4)4
A system that brings all of the food and agriculture to one central location then distributes it to everyone
Civilization that had housing in a enclosed community (2)2

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