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Can you name the food mentioned in Seinfeld?

Featured Nov 9, 2012

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Kramer dropped one into a person
George didn't get thanked for this
Banya insists it's not a meal
The opposite of George's usual tuna on toast
This caused George to sweat so much he looked guilty
Kramer developed a love/hate relationship with this nearby restaurant
George reeled this in on a fishing pole
This is what Elaine wanted to bring to a dinner party...
...but when it was sold out she had to bring one of these.
While not on strike, Kramer worked making these
George fought for one at a car dealership
This caused Elaine to interrupt a piano recital
After her beau was in an accident, Elaine still stopped for these
This helps George (but not Jerry) in the bedroom
Part of Kenny Banya's brutal stand up routine
This is constantly being offered in Jerry's apartment
Jerry uses one of these to bribe Newman
Braless Wonder Sue Ellen Mischke is heir to this candy bar forture
George's ambulance drivers fight over who ate the last of these
This is George's ATM password
George ate one out of the trash
George brought one to his boss everyday
George orders this from the Soup Nazi
Jerry orders this from the Soup Nazi
Kramer orders this from the Soup Nazi
Newman orders this from the Soup Nazi
Kramer steals a catch of these in the Hamptons
George is caught on TV messily eating one of these
Some of this gets in George's eye, causing him to wink
George tried to incorporate this into his lovemaking

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