UK fish by latin name/UK record

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Can you name the common UK Freshwater fish by its latin name and UK record catch?

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Latin NameFishUK Record
Tinca Tinca15lb 3oz 6dr
Gasterosteus aculaeatus4dr
Abramis brama19lb 10oz
Alburnus alburnus4oz 9dr
Barbus barbus21lb 1oz
Blicca bjoerkna2lb 2oz
Scardinius erythrophthalmus4lb 10oz
Cottus gobio1oz
Leuciscus idus8lb 5oz
Anguilla anguilla11lb 2oz
Ctenopharyngodon idella44lb 8oz
Gymnocephalus cernuus5oz 4dr
Perca fluviatilis5lb 15oz
Latin NameFishUK Record
Leuciscus leuciscus1lb 5oz 2dr
Sander lucioperca21lb 5oz
Carassius carassius4lb 9oz 9dr
Esox lucius46lb 13oz
Cyprinus carpio65lb 14oz
Leuciscus cephalus9lb 5oz
Rhodeus sericeus12dr
Phoxinus phoxinus13.5dr
Rutilus rutilus4lb 4oz
Gobio gobio5oz
Carassius auratus5lb 11oz 8dr
Silurus glanis62lb

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