Marin Rowing 2011 Fiends

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Can you name the Marin Rowing 2011 Fiends?

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?the ultafiend
?the complete wierd ass bitch fiend (freshman)
?repped bow seat of 3v for fiend # of years
?volcano vapor fiend
?well groomed
?jewish boat ****
?water bison
?acts too classy not to be ignored from this quiz
?well pampered fiend
?the unable giant
?'the boathouse is recreational'
?encounters human fecal matter regularly
?pear bretheren
?tiger suit fiend (also-ellen vermes)
?just look at the man
?piss chug winner
?piss chug runner up
?40 year old italian rapist
?can be found with obscene quantities of alcohol in his trunk at any given time
?grahams sex minion
?gets railed by coach daily :(
?created fiend wars of marin rowing
?the CIA fiend
?could be suicide bomber

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