Can u name my SNES Collection (with Clues)

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Can you name the Can u name my SNES Collection (with Clues)?

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Collection of Classic Mario Titles
Mario, Bowser & Peach vs Smithy
Mario's first adventure on SNES
Puzzle Game with Wario & Toad
First Mario Racer with Green Shells & Bananas
Light Gun shoot em up with Yoshi & Mario
Mario is Drawing & Painting with the Mouse
Baby Mario & the Yoshi Clan up against Baby Bowser & Kamek
Starring Samus Aran
Polygon Racer
Set on Cotton Island this main character can throw his limbs bosses include Bobbins Brothers & Flea Queen
Soccer Game
Futuristic Racer like Wipeout
RPG 3 young warriors on Flammie out to stop the Revival of the Mana Fortress
Starring Fox McCloud
Starring Ryu, Ken, Guile, E Honda, Chun Li etc
Racer with Hanna Barbera characters
Collection of Light Gun Games
Main Character is an Alien Robot
War Game with little soldiers, but a lot of them become FODDER
Racer with Mice from Mars
Goofy & Max's Adventure
Claymation Beat em up
Superman is Back
Batman takes on the Penguin
Helping these helpless green haired rodents characters to safety
Help a Boy & His Dog get back to Podunk in this funny RPG
Construct your own City
WWE/WWF Beat em up
Donkey & Diddy Kong's first adventure
More Kong Fun with Diddy & Dixie
Even More Kong Fun with Dixie & Kiddy
Link's only SNES adventure
Racer with Suzulu, Raphael, Sumo San, Helmut, Frank, Hodja, Biff & Surf
Flight Sim with Pilots
? & Ghosts
Isometric Racer with Rock Music influence
He's Made of Jelly & can morph Into many different objects
Kirby as the Golf Ball
Very Hard Isometric Dungeon Adventureinc worlds such as Galadonia, Atlena & Sonia's Fortress
Caveman Platformer
Dinosaur eating Puzzle Game their very hungry
Cyber Robot Platformer
Luigi searches the world to try & find Mario
Mario goes back in time to find the Stolen Artifacts
Kirby Puzzle Game
Luke Skywalker & Han Solo
Bombs & Bombs fighting the Bad Bombers
Bombingly good sequel this time with Louies
He's the Judge deal with It
Racer with Unicycles
RPG with Will, Kara, Lilly, Lance, Erik, Seth & Neil going to the Tower of Babel
Disney Platformer starring Abu, Jasmine, Jafar & the Genie
Puzzle Game beginning with Z
Beat em up with Fulgore, Cinder, Riptor, Sabrewolf, Spinal etc
Based on Film with Jim Carrey with Green Mask

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