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Can't Buy A Thrill
' Wearing a white stetson hat Unhand that gun begone ' 
' An evening with a movie queen A face we all have seen ' 
Countdown To Ecstacy
'I guess only women in cages Can play down The things they lose' 
' She loved the candy and the flowers that I bought her' 
Pretzel Logic
' It's a beggars life, said the Queen of Spain But don't tell it to a poor man' 
'Until he caught you with your fingers in the till ' 
Katy Lied
' And that fearsome excavation On Magnolia Boulevard' 
' Biscayne Bay Where the Cuban gentlemen sleep all day' 
The Royal Scam
' Greek medallion Sparkles when you smile ' 
' Semi-mojo Who's this kinky so-and-so? ' 
' She serves the smooth retsina She keeps me safe and warm ' 
' Pick up what's left by daylight ' 
' I saw the fireworks I believed that I was dreaming ' 
' For that cotton candy Son you're playing with fire ' 
Two Against Nature
' Deliciously toxic The original classic thing - more of the same ' 
' Let's grab some takeout from Dean and Deluca A hearty gulping wine ' 
Everything Must Go
' The talk The sex Somebody to trust ' 
' It's rainin' I'm chillin' at the Manatee Bar ' 

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