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A two-footed stunt held a chin height
A two-footed stunt held at full height
A one-footed stunt held a full height
A simple dismount involving a lift and return to load-in
A dismount with one twist
A dismount with two twists
A dismount with no twists
The most common of tosses
One or more bases holds up the flyer by the foot and the flyer balances weight on one straight leg. The flyer's other leg is bent with the foot positioned at about the knee level o
One or more bases holds up the flyer by the foot and the flyer balances weight on that one straight leg. The flyer then grabs the loose foot and bends that leg upward behind the bo
One or more bases extend one of the flyer's feet. The flyer's other leg is held by the flyer's hand to the side and the leg is fully extended
It is a stunt in which the base/bases holds one foot of the flyer while she holds the other foot in an elevated stretch position with her same hand.
Variation of a heel stretch. The flyer grabs her foot with the opposite hand. Then she pulls her arm through and puts it in front of her leg, holding it straight.
From a lib, the flyer points their leg out behind them and their arms are in a 'T' position
A variation on the double take in which the flyer does a full turn in the air to the right in between stunts while staying in contact with the bases

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