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Route NameSubway ServiceDivision
Eighth Avenue ExpressIND/BMT
Sixth Avenue Local - Queens Boulevard ExpressIND/BMT
Flushing ExpressIRT
Sixth Avenue Express (Brighton)IND/BMT
Nassau St. LocalIND/BMT
Rockaway Park ShuttleIND/BMT
Lexington Avenue LocalIRT
Brooklyn - Queens CrosstownIND/BMT
Franklin Avenue ShuttleIND/BMT
Lexington Avenue Express (Flatbush)IRT
42nd Street Shuttle IRT
14th St - Canarsie LocalIND/BMT
Broadway - Seventh Avenue LocalIRT
Seventh Avenue Express (Flatbush)IRT
Route NameSubway ServiceDivision
Broadway ExpressIND/BMT
Pelham Bay Park ExpressIRT
Eighth Avenue Local (WTC)IND/BMT
Eighth Avenue Express - Rush Hour ExpressIND/BMT
Sixth Avenue Local - Queens Boulevard LocalIND/BMT
Sixth Avenue Express (Coney Island)IND/BMT
Nassau St. ExpressIND/BMT
Flushing LocalIRT
Eighth Avenue Local (Euclid)IND/BMT
Broadway ExpressIND/BMT
Lexington Avenue Express (Utica)IRT
Seventh Avenue Express (New Lots)IRT
Broadway LocalIND/BMT

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