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Can You [first rung] The [last rung] Tonight?
Cut or knock down
Prisoner's small room
I Guess That's Why They **** It The Blues
Sheltered walk or prominade
Gangster's female companion
Bad Side of the ****
Vermillion red
Having a chestnut coat sprinkled with white
Goodbye Yellow Brick ****
To prod or incite
Member of a Dravidian people of Central India
To embellish the truth; a stuffed toy
To hit, strike, or collide
Long pile or heap
The Bitch is ****
Fixture containing several tiered shelves
Crocodile ****
Short stocking reaching between the ankle and knee
Affected by physical or mental illness
A fixed basin with a water supply and a drain
A province of southeastern Pakistan
Candle in the ****
Fermented juice of grapes
Trace of a moving point
Can You [first rung] The [last rung] Tonight?

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