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King David's son
First king of Israel
One of Noah's three sons
Third child of Adam and Eve
Wife and half-sister of Abraham
Lost his strength when Delilah cut off his hair
Used to season all meat-offerings (Leviticus 2:13)
One of the seven deacons and the first Christian martyr
Common standard of weight and value among the Hebrews
Genesis tells the story of the destruction of ___ and Gemorrah
The day of rest; remember the ___ day, to keep it holy (Exodus)
Son of Elkanah and Hannah; helped unite the tribes against the Philistines
Israelite religious and political capital with the The Tabernacle for over 300 years
Adversary; accuser; in the New Testament this word is used as interchangeable with Diabolos, or the devil
Similar to a fig or mulberry tree; at Jericho, Zachaeus climbed it to see Jesus as he passed by (Luke 19:4)
The number of Pharaoh's fat/lean oxen; the number of days seige of Jericho; the number of branches of the golden candlestick

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