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Can you name the words with all the same vowels?

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Labor Day month
Sarah Palin's home
Georgia NBA Team (City name and team name)
Ben Roethlisberger's team
Fruit, or subject of a Gwen Stefani song
The team that plays the home team is the _______ team
Scientific name for very puffy clouds
New York Time specialty
5th prime number
Tropical vacation spot
Popular iPhone game with diamond, gems, etc.
Opposite of multiplying
Easy to attack
Christmas month
Pete from Backyard Baseball
Johan, Moss, or a famous band
Acted as something it wasn't
Huge rain storm
One who reads all day
Zinc, Boron, Tungsten, etc.
Florida baseball team with Carl Crawford (City name and team name)
2009 BCS National Champs
Little-known European country
Pine, cedar, spruce
Yankees shortstop and all-time hit leader
Recipe holder
What a lever is kept on
Bathing suit

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