25 Famous Overdoses - Musicans and Actors

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Profession and Toxicology SummaryNameBirth and Death Years
Actress - Barbituate overdose1926-1962
Comedian - Morphine poisoning1925-1966
Actress - Barbituate overdose1922-1969
Musician - Heroin Overdose 1943–1970
Musican - Alcohol and barbituate complications 1942–1970
Musican - Suspected heroin overdose1943–1971
Actor - Acute reaction to prescription drugs 1940–1973
Musician - Various barbituate overdose 1935–1977
Musician - Accidental overdose on seizure medication 1946–1978
Musician - Heroin overdose1957-1979
Musician - Alcohol poisoning1948-1980
Musician - Alcohol poisoning1946-1980
Actor - Heroin and cocaine1948-1982
Profession and Toxicology SummaryNameBirth and Death Years
Musican - Heroin overdose 1962–1988
Actor - Heroin and cocaine overdose1970-1993
Musician - Cocaine overdose1967–1995
Musician - Heroin overdose1968-1996
Actor - Cocaine and morphine overdose1964-1997
Musician - Heroin overdose 1967–2002
Rapper - Overdose of cocaine and prescription drugs1968-2004
Actor - Cocaine overdose 1965–2006
Actor - Prescription drug overdose 1979–2008
Actress - Multiple prescription drug intoxication 1977–2009
DJ - Cocaine and prescription drugs1973-2009
Musician - prescription drug complications1958-2009

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