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Spun sugar
Puffed up kernel
Frozen dairy products
The above with lower butter and sugar content
Deep fried or baked thin slices of potato
Dried grapes
Fried corn tortillas
Baked sweet dessert
The above for one individual
Very thin pancake
Ice pop
Iron-cooked batter-based cake with a distinctive shape
Thin strips of deep-fried potato
Hard-shelled fruit of some plants with a seed
Bacterial fermented daily product
Oven-baked, disc-shaped bread topped with cheese and tomato sauce
Sweet, ring-shaped, deep-fried flour dough
Small, sweet, flat, baked treat
Dried noodles fused with oil
Pressed and baked oats into a bar shape
Baked soft or hand dough in a knot-like shape
Sweet chewy ropes or tubes
Processed cocoa solids and cocoa butter
Soft cylindrical sweet confection with a spongy consistency
Deep fried small ring of onion
Small hard candy shell and gummy interior
Roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham cracker
Made from synthetic rubber with mint or fruit flavours
Whole apples covered in a hard sugar candy coating
Dried or smoked marinated strips of meat

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