Real or Fake 2012 Presidential Contender?

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Can you name the Real or Fake 2012 Presidential Contender??

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Name/PartyReal or Fake?
Gracie Allen (Surprise Party)
President Warren Roderick Ashe (Democratic)
Michele Bachmann (Republican)
George Bailey (Republican)
Josiah Bartlet (Democratic)
Young Boozer (Republican)
Savannah Jewel McCumber Bush (Independent Not In Any Party)
President Emperor Caesar (Other)
Herman Cain (Republican)
HRM Caesar St. Augustine de Buonaparte Emperor of the United States of Turtle Island (Absolute Dictator Party)
Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (Republican)
Marion Coatsworth-Hay (Democratic)
Maximus T. Englerius (American Tradition)
Verl Farnsworth (Independent)
Millard Fillmore (Know-Nothing)
Newt Gingrich (Republican)
Rutherford B. Hayes (None)
John Henry VIII (Republican)
Jon Huntsman (Republican)
S. Porcle Kyrgyzstan (America-Centric)
Temperance Alesha Lance-Council (Anti-Hypocrisy)
Leah (Loretta) Lax (Miller) (Democrat)
Richard H. Lee (Independent)
Name/PartyReal or Fake?
Sir Ed A Maddox Sr (Independent)
Thaddeus G. McCotter (Republican)
Jimmy McMillan (Rent is Too Damn High Party)
Barack Obama (Democrat)
Sarah Palin (Republican)
David Palmer (Democratic)
Ron Paul (Republican)
RuPaul (Independent)
Timothy Pawlenty (Republican)
James R. Perry (Republican)
Philipp Pflughaupt (Republican)
Reanimated Corpse of Ronald Reagan (Republican)
Charles E. 'Buddy' Roemer III (Republican)
Mitt Romney (Republican)
Richard J. Santorum (Republican)
Ole' Savior (Republican)
Jonathon the Impaler Sharkey (Republican)
Jesus Christ Superstar Smith (Independent)
Dick Swett (Democratic)
Douglas Scott VanRaam (Free Soil)
Ab Cdefghe Jklmnops Tuvwxyz (Independent)
George Washington Williams (Democratic)

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