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Can you name the the answers to these King of the Hill trivia questions?

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What color is Bobby's shirt?
In which town is King of the Hill set?
Who voiced Hank Hill and created the show?
What language does Peggy teach?
Who is Hank's boss?
What does Hank sell besides propane?
Describe Hank's urethra in one word
What does Bobby want to be when he's older?
Which character, voiced by Tom Petty, eventually marries Luanne?
Which state is Bill's family from?
Who was quarterback in Hank's high school football team?
Dale explains Joseph's dark complexion by claiming his grandmother was...
What is Nancy Gribble's professional middle name?
Who is Bill's ex-wife?
Which Laotian family lives next door to the Hills? (if you spell it right without checking you are the true king of the hill)
Voiced by Brad Pitt, what is Boomhauer's brother's first name?
Two part question, how many half-brothers does Hank have, and which country does the elder one live in?
The Hills' dog is named after which former first lady?
What is Dale's primary alter-ego?
Who was Luanne's original boyfriend?
And where did he work, at one point with Hank?
What part of Cotton's legs is missing?
Peggy won a Texas state championship in what activity?
Bobby's middle school is named after who?
What are Sugarfoots and Goobersmooches?

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