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The owner of the ice cream shop in Diagon Alley? (Last name only)
'The most powerful love potion in the world'
Dumbledore's third name
Hermione's middle name
The Arithmancy teacher's (at Hogwarts) last name
Dumbledore's favorite flavor of jam
The last name of Cho's friend in Dumbledore's Army
How 'Weasley' is spelled in front of their tent at the Quidditch World Cup
The first and last name of the man that Harry turns into at the Ministry in Deathly Hallows
The full name of who Harry tells Stan Shunpike his name is the first time they meet
Ron's middle name
Bellatrix's nickname for Narcissa
The name of the street that Snape lives on
Professor Flitwick's first name
The name of the goblin language
Luna's father's first name
Mr. Dursley's company's name
The name of Ginny's pygmy puff
Hufflepuff's animal/symbol
While Tom Riddle was at Hogwarts, the Headmaster was Professor ______

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