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InitalsPhraseExtra Info
EXAMPLE Type in 4 quarters in a dollarEXAMPLE
8 D o HReligion
26 L i t AEducation
8 D a WThe Beatles
8 P i t S SScience
60 MT.V.
11 P o t S FSports
57 H VFood
52 W i t YDuration
40 D o LReligion
3 S o a TMath
InitalsPhraseExtra Info
4 Q i a DQuantity
28 D i FDuration
6 K i t B BT.V.
3 P CArt
13 O CSocial Studies
30 S i H a Mduration
3 B i t U S GSocial Studies
12 S o t ZCulture
3 S o IReligion
50 S o t FSocial Studies

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