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Demolition Worker
Found a cat and named it 'Cupcake'
Arnold's Crush
Wore a backwards green hat
Immigrant from Vietnam
Injury prone boy
The caring teacher
Nerdy girl with a flower on her shirt
Perfect daughter of Bob and Mariam
Number thirty-three
Cheated on a poetry contest
Chosen spokesman for Yahoo drinks
5th grader bully
Wore a tiny blue hat
Heavy breather and stalker
Has a shrine of Arnold
Unemployed Czechoslavakian who lives in Sunset Arms
Answers his cellphone in class
Class psychopath
Never leaves his spot
Pet pig
Ill-tempered 6th grade girl
Scottish girl who sells chocolate turtles
Nicknamed 'Steely'
Mysterious resident who never talks
Rich fashonable girl
6th grade girl who 'dated' Arnold
6th grade girl who 'dated' Gerald
Has six braids of blond hair

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