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An orphan and his ward are called upon to deal with criminal elements in a big city.West
A woman moves east to get married and start a new career, but has to deal with her mother and sister too.Harper
A newspaper man hosts a really great variety 'shoe', introducing America to some of Musics greatest superstarsTitle host
The head of a family with a wife and three children has to constantly deal with the family's problems and seems to always have the answerYoung
A comedian deals with his ditzy wife and assorted friendsTitle character
Panelists try to determine the occupations of people and the identity of a mystery guest.Daly
A family has to deal with the problems of living in the ghetto of ChicagoWalker
A vampire, a monster, a wolf boy, and a pretty girl who has trouble keeping a boyfriendDeCarlo
POWs outfoxing an inept commandant and a guard who knows nothing.Crane
An advertising man has a supernatural wife and has to deal with her unusual familyMontgomery
Two groups of related people compete to guess how surveys are answered by 100 people.Dawson
A spaceman lands way off course and finds an ancient supernatural beingEden
An attorney decides to move from the city and encounters townsfolk with some strange ideas, and a pig.Albert
A comedy troupe does various skits spoofing numerous subjects with guest stars and musical guestsChase
Plaintiffs and Defendants argue real life small claims cases before a judgeWapner
Eleven pairs take part in an adventure competing for a large cash prize at the end.Koegen
Detectives try to solve old unsolved mysteries in an Eastern cityMorris
A 15 year old girl saves the world from evil beings with the help of some friends while also dealing with high school.Gellar
A brilliant detective has an obsessive compulsive disorderShalhoub
TV brings together a group of four singers and they have misadventuresDolenz
A rancher raises his son and helps maintain order with his WinchesterConnors
A large family deals with the Great DepressionThomas
An alien moves in with a reporter and pretends to be his uncleBixby
Sports fans try to outdo an expert in sports triviaScott
A boy comes to earth when his planet disintegrates and grows up to work in a newspaper and is constantly getting his co workers out of trouble.Reeves
An eccentric family with a museum house, a noose to summon the butler, a maneating plant, and a disembodied hand to deliver the mailJones
Reporters tell of various newsworthy stories in this long running news magazineRooney
Hangman for money and prizesWhite
A man time warps into different characters in different periods of historyBakula
A young boy is constantly in trouble, sometimes with the help of his or his brother's friendsMathers
In the future, a man has to deal with his family's problems and still hold on to his job.animated

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