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Can you name the the states whose governor and both senators are all currently of the same political party?

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PartystateGovernor and senators
RepublicanBrewer, McCain, Kyl
DemocratManchin, , Rockefeller
RepublicanBentley, Sessions, Shelby
DemocratBrown, Feinstein, Boxer
RepublicanBarbour, Cochran, Wicker
DemocratGregoire, Murray, Cantwell
DemocratO'Malley, Mikulski, Cardin
DemocratCuomo, Schumer, Gillibrand
RepublicanHaslam, Alexander, Corker
RepublicanFallon, Inhofe, Coburn
RepublicanMead, Enzi, Barrasso
PartystateGovernor and senators
DemocratMarkell, Carper, Coons
RepublicanHaley, Demint, Graham
RepublicanDeal, Chambliss, Isakson
RepublicanOtter, Crapo, Risch
DemocratKulongoski, Wyden,Merkley
DemocratRitter, Udall, Bennett
RepublicanPerry, Cornyn, Hutchison
DemocratAbercrombie, Inouye, Akaka
RepublicanHerbert, Hatch, Lee
DemocratSchweitzer, Baucus, Tester
RepublicanBrownback, Roberts, Moran

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