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factstatefact refers to
Had last Republican Speaker for 40 years
One family had 5 generations hold political office
First state to elect female Governor
Birthplace of two opposing Presidents during major American Conflict
One of first Senators still only Republican Senator
Has had 5 Senators from same family
Last elected a Democrat to Senate in 1932
Had both Speaker and Senate Majority Leader for 6 years
Had Gubernatorial election decided by State Legislature
Home of first GOP Presidential candidate
Voted for same party for President in every election except one
Home of first successful recall of Governor
Senator was leader of irreconcilables in 1919
Home of first woman elected to Senate
Congressman chaired Judiciary committee during Nixon impeachment hearings
Home first female Congresswoman, who served two terms 24 years apart
Has only eleceted one Senator to more than 3 terms
Home of only Speaker of House to become President
Tyrannical Speaker of House led to house revolution
Didn't elect first Republican Governor until 1962
Had maverick Senator who served as Republican, Independent, and Democrat
Two Senators served together for 36 years
Home of only the second Native American Senator
Senator was father and grandfather of Presidents
Democratic Party became powerhouse only after it merged with 3rd party
factstatefact refers to
Home of last 3rd party candidate to win electoral votes
Had either Presidential or Vice Presidential nominee of major party 15 times in 20th century
Home of first Jewish Senator
First female Speaker born here
Home of first Senator to serve 7 terms
Father and Son Senators were leaders of Progressive movement
Home of first Latina Governor
Governor and Senator close friend of Reagan
Famous Congressman and orator lost three Presidential elections
Governor was both the Youngest and Oldest in nation during separate terms 40 years apart
Home of only sitting Speaker to lose reelection in 20th century
Along with Maine, only state to vote against FDR in 1936
Had Presidential candidate who lost 49 states, including his own
Town always casts all its votes shortly after midnight
Senator chaired Select Watergate Committee
Democrat Congressman led House revolt against tyrannical Speaker, then became Speaker himself
Senator authored high tariff said to cause Great Depression
Senator had Aircraft Carrier named after him
For 40 years, Governors have served two terms from alternating parties
As goes ___, so goes the nation
Powerful Senator was grandfather of future Vice President who was named after him
Had Senator whose mother and father both served in the Senate
Governor and Senator son in law of President
Claims to be the birthplace of Republican Party, 'Under the Oaks'
Home of first presidential caucus

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