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Can you name the people who replaced him(politics)?

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Thomas EagletonVP nominee
Adolf HitlerChancellor of Germany
Anwar El SadatPresident of Egypt
Ronald ReaganGovernor of California
Pierre Elliot TrudeauPrime Minister of Canada(1979)
Winston ChurchillPrime Minister of UK(1945)
George WallaceGovernor of Alabama(1967)
Spiro AgnewVice President
Lyndon JohnsonSenate Majority Leader
Barry GoldwaterSenator from Arizona(1987)
Eleanor RooseveltFirst Lady-US
Sam RayburnSpeaker of the House(1961)
Earl WarrenChief Justice
Mao ZedungChairman, Chinese Communist Party
Robert ByrdPresident Pro tem of the Senate(2009)
Nelson RockefellerGovernor of New York
Juan PeronPresident of Argentina(1974)
Charles DegaullePresident of France
King SaulKing of Israel
George H. W. BushDirector of CIA

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