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senatorstatelength of service
Pat Leahy36
Richard Russell38
John Jones30
Frank Lautenberg25
Joe Biden36
John McClellan36
Knute Nelson28
Don Nickles24
Morris Sheppard28
Karl Mundt24
Claiborne Pell36
Duncan Fletcher27
Arthur Capper30
William Allison35
William Frye30
Harry Byrd32
Milton Young36
John Sparkman35
Arthur Vandenburg23
Edward Kennedy47
John Stennis42
Strom Thurmond48
James Murray27
Carl Hayden42
Francis Warren37
Jacob Gallinger27
senatorstatelength of service
Paul Sarbanes30
William Borah32
William Proxmire32
Daniel Inouye48
Pete Domenici36
Kenneth McKellar36
Francis Cockrell30
Warren Magnuson36
Richard Lugar34
Daniel Moynihan24
Mitch McConnell26
Mark Hatfield30
George Norris30
Russell Long38
Shelby Cullom30
Christopher Dodd30
Arlen Specter30
Ted Stevens40
Henry Teller30
John Glenn24
Jesse Helms30
Furnifold Simmons30
Orrin Hatch33
Hiram Johnson28
Robert Byrd51

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