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Before the SenateSenatorState
President-Market research firm, CongressmanSouth Carolina
Real Estate Agent, State House, State TreasurerLouisiana
President of the Board of Supervisors, Mayor, Unsuccessful candidate for GovernorCalifornia
Businessman, CEOWisconsin
Capital intern, State SenatorNorth Carolina
Navy Liaison to US Senate, CongressmanArizona
District Judge, State Supreme Court, State Attorney GeneralTexas;
State House, State Senate, Deputy States Attorney, CongressmanSouth Dakota
Senate Aide, US Attorney, Chair of state crime commission, State House, State Senate, State Attorney GeneralConnecticut
Lawyer, CongressmanGeorgia
House Committee Staff, Assistant Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the NavyVirginia
City Board of School Commissioners, Mayor, President National League of CitiesIndiana
State Tax CommissionerNorth Dakota
Congressional Staff, Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary of State, CongressmanIllinois
State Insurance Director, GovernorNebraska
Businessman, Mayor, State House, State SenateWyoming
Ophthalmologist, Founder of Anti Tax GroupKentucky
Territorial Legislature, CongressmanHawaii
State Treasurer, Congressman, GovernorDelaware
City Council, Unsuccessful candidate for Senate, CongresswomanMaryland
Lawyer, Lobbyist, CongressmanArizona
SEC lawyer, Executive Director of State Constitutional Convention, State House, CongressmanMontana
County board of Commissioners, State House, State Senate, CongresswomanMichigan
Speaker of the State House, CongressmanMaryland
State House, State Senate, Unsuccessful candidate for Governor, State Secretary of State, GovernorWest Virginia
Professor, State House, CongressmanKansas
City Government Study Commission, CongressmanPennsylvania
State Senator, CongressmanRhode Island
Bank President, GovernorNorth Dakota
State Senate Majority Leader, Lieutenant Governor, GovernorIdaho
City Prosecutor, US Magistrate, Special Assistant Attorney General, State Senator, CongressmanAlabama
State House, Congressman, Astronaut, State Treasurer and Insurance CommissionerFlorida
City Attorney, Congressman, Lieutennant Governor, Chairman, State Gaming Commission, Unsuccessful candidate for SenateNevada
Instructor-Air Force JAG, State House, CongressmanSouth Carolina
Before the SenateSenatorState
Mayor, Unsuccessful candidate for Senator and Governor, CongressmanVermont
Board of Education, Mayor, State Assembly, State Senate, CongressmanNew Jersey
State House, State Secretary of State, CongressmanOhio
State Senate Majority Leader, State Attorney GeneralConnecticut
US Attorney, State Attorney GeneralRhode Island
Political commentator and activistMinnesota
Congressman, Senator*, Ambassador to GermanyIndiana
Chief of Staff to Mayor, Superintendent of Public SchoolsColorado
States AttorneyVermont
Spokesman for Vietnam Veterans against the war, Assistant District Attorney, Lieutenant GovernorMassachusetts
Founder of state Grey Panthers, CongressmanOregon
Court Clerk, President Pro Tem of State Senate, CongressmanIdaho
State Senator, Governor, Unsuccessful candidate for Senate, Director Harvard Institute of PoliticsNew Hampshire
School Board of Trustees, State Senate PresidentMontana
State Assemblyman, CongressmanNew York
Executive Director, Port Authority, US Senator*New Jersey
County Prosecutor, State House, State Auditor, Unsuccessful candidate for Governor Missouri
President of County Council, County ExecutiveDelaware
Counsel to State Constitutional Convention, State Attorney GeneralNew Mexico
State Commissioner of Finance and Administration, MayorTennessee
City Assembly,Unconfirmed appointee to State University Board of Regents, MayorAlaska
Special Counsel-HUD, CongresswomanNew York
Janitor, Construction worker, Attorney Utah
Private practice Attorney, State House, State Attorney GeneralArkansas
Capital Intern, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, County Judge/ExecutiveKentucky
Political Counsel, State House, CongressmanMississippi
State Senate, Orthopedic surgeonWyoming
Journalist, Congressional Aide,President of the Board of Supervisors, CongresswomanCalifornia
Senate Staff Member, Chairman of the State Democratic Party, Unsuccessful candidate for Senate, GovernorVirginia
State Assistant Police Officer and General Council, City Council PresidentMichigan
Senate Intern, Legal Counsel to State Senate, CongressmanIllinois
Mountaineer, State House, CongressmanColorado
Senate Staff, Congressional Administrative Assistant, CongressmanKansas
State House, Vice Chairman-National Transportation Safety Board, BusinesswomanTexas
Before the SenateSenatorState
Clerk-US District Court and US Court of Appeals, US Attorney, General Counsel to Governor, Clerk-Supreme CourtUtah
State House, State Senate Minority Leader, Unsuccessful candidate for Governor, Mayor, CongressmanOklahoma
County Clerk, State Secretary of State, Congressman. House Minority Whip, House Interim Majority LeaderMissouri
County Board, City Council, Mayor, Governor, Secretary of AgricultureNebraska
Optometrist, School Board, CongressmanArkansas
State House, CongressmanIowa
Town Assessor, Town Selectman, State House, State SenateMassachusetts
Sales Manager, CongressmanNorth Carolina
Law Professor, State House, CongressmanLouisiana
Veterinarian, CongressmanNevada
Congressional Aide, CongressmanIowa
Clerk for State Supreme Court, Deputy State Attorney General, State Attorney GeneralNew Hampshire
School District Board of Directors, State SenateWashington
State Auditor General, State TreasurerPennsylvania
Peace Corps Assistant Director, State House, State Secretary of State, GovernorWest Virginia
Mayor's task force on the homeless, State HouseAlaska
Clerk, Court of Appeals, State Attorney General, CongressmanNew Mexico
Senate Legislative Assistant, Unsuccessful candidate for Governor, Governor, US Secretary of EducationTennessee
City Commissioner, Speaker of State HouseFlorida
Chairman-State Democratic Party, Businessman, Basketball Team OwnerWisconsin
Senate Youth Program Delegate,Congressional Aide, Regional Director Small Business Administration, Deputy State Treasurer of neighboring state, Unsuccessful candidatae for GovernorMaine
Board of Voter Registration, State House, Congresswoman, First Lady of StateMaine
US Trade Representative, Director-OMB, CongressmanOhio
US Attorney, Failed nominee for US District Court Judge,State Attorney GeneralAlabama
Medical doctor, CongressmanOklahoma
Legislative aide, State Railroad Director, State Municipal League, Congressman, Unsuccessful candidate for SenateSouth Dakota
State House, Unsuccessful candidate for Governor, State Senate, CongressmanGeorgia
County Attorney, Legal advisor to Vice PresidentMinnesota
Head of Nixon's state campaign, CongressmanMississippi
Fellow-Department of Defense, Speaker of State AssemblyOregon
High School Principal, State Office of Economic Opportunity,Human Resources Assistant to Governor, CongressmanHawaii
State House, Congresswoman, Marketing Vice PresidentWashington

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