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Arlen, Texas
Mapleton Drive; 211 Pine Street
A large townhouse in Edwardian England
Greenwich Villiage Apartment building
Gotham City, Wayne Manor
Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia
PT -73
Los Angeles Tribune
West Beverly Hills High School
623 E. 68th st.,Manhattan;Westport, Connecticut
A Manhattan high rise apartment building
Cabot Cove, Maine
9114 Central Ave., Watts
A Boston bar
704 Hauser St, Queens
St. Eligius Hospital, Boston
San Diego, CA
963 N. Gilbert Ave. , Chicago, Illinois
0001 Cemetary Lane
Sky Pad Apartments
Shady Rest Hotel
Ponderosa Ranch
148 Bonnie Meadow Rd, New Rochelle
Tom Nevers Field Airport
Tuckahoe, Westchester County, New York
South Fork Ranch
Waratah National Park, New South Wales
KACL Radio station, Seattle
Suburban Detroit, Michigan
Philadelphia Police Department
Daily Planet, Metropolis
San Pueblo, California
Fort Courage, somewhere in the west
A farm in middle America, US Forest Service, Holden Ranch
An uncharted tropical Island

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