Super Mario Sunshine Bosses

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Can you name the Super Mario Sunshine Bosses?

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Episode 7;everywhere/Delfino PlazaA shadow replica of Mario.
Episode 1;Pinna ParkA giant robot that looks like Bowser.
Episodes 1,5;Ricco Harbor/Episode 2;Noki BayA sort of giant squid.
Episodes 2,5;Bianco HillsA flying, talking, walking piranha plant.
Episode 4;Noki BayAn eel with serious mouth problems.
Episode 1;Sirena BeachA whitish shadow that leaves a trail of electric goop wherever it goes.
Episode 5;Sirena BeachA giant Boo with an enormous tongue.
Episode 3;Gelato BeachA huge caterpillar with anger problems.
Episode 1;Noki Bay/Episode 2;Pinna ParkA mole that is inside a cannon.
Episode 8;Noki BayA swimming animal composed entirely of coins.
Corona MountainA large dinosaur-type thing.
Gelato Beach;Episode 4A large flying animal made of a substance found on a beach.
Gelato Beach; Episode 5/Noki Bay; Episode 5/Pianta Village; Episode 2A dark skinned man dressed up as a Pianta. His name translates to 'Very Pianta'.

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