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 The island's main plaza, home to the Shine Gate.
 Beautiful, rolling hills, a lake, and even a windmill.
 A relaxing spot, this is where the Watermelon Festival is held each year.
 The island's main port, this place is the source of the freshest seafood around.
 This place boasts tons of rides; the rollercoaster, the Ferris Weel, the Yoshi-Go-Round, Clam Cups, and even Pirate Ships.
 When you 're at the top, you have the best and most beautiful view on Isle Delfino.
 This place has a relaxing calm beach, with a four-star hotel and casino,
 This place has lots of trees. It has hot springs, and it has the Fluff Festival every year.
 The public are not allowed to go in this dangerous volcano.

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