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What is the name of J.D.'s car?
What does the Todd have tattoed on his arm?
What city is Carla from?
But where is she ethnically from?
What is Nurse Paul's last name?
What does Janitor name the bird who lives in the hospital?
What is Dr. Cox's real first name?
What game does Janitor make up so that everyone can pelt J.D. with tennis balls?
What was Dr. Kelso's dog's name?
What does Carla have to do if Turk gets his mole removed?
What movie does Turk inadvertently quote at his rehearsal dinner?
What does J.D. say his favorite TV show is?
If they had won the lottery, what would Dr. Cox have done with the money?
Who tells Dr. Cox that Jack is his son?
Who are Jordan's siblings?

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