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Can you name the supernatural episode these guest stars first apperared in?

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Actor/CharacterEpisode Title
Jeffery Dean Morgan/John Winchester
Samantha Ferris/Ellen Harvelle
Nicki Aycox/Meg Masters
Fredric Lehne/Azazel
Mitch Pileggi/Samuel Campbell
Steven Williams/Rufus Turner
Corin Nemec/Christian Campbell
Sam Hennings/Samuel Colt
Sterling K. Brown/Gordon Walker
Jim Beaver/Bobby Singer
Misha Collins/Castiel
Charles Malik Whitfield/Victor Henriksen
Katie Cassidy/Ruby
Richard Speight Jr.Gabriel/Trickster
Mark Pellegrino/Lucifer
Rob Benedict/Chuck Shirley
Actor/CharacterEpisode Title
A.J. Buckley+Travis Wester/Ed Zeddmore+Harry Spangler
Mark Sheppard/Crowley
Robert Wisom/Uriel
Julie McNiven/Anna Milton
Jake Abel/Adam Milligan
Sebastian Roche/Balthazar
Christopher Heyerdahl/Alastair
Lauren Cohan/Bela Talbot
Cindy Sampson/Lisa Braedon
Julia Maxwell/Eve
Julian Richings/Death
Gabriel Tigerman/Andy Gallagher
Katharine Isabelle/Ava Wilson
Aldis Hodge/Jake Talley
Kim Rhodes/Sheriff Jody Mills
Benito Martinez/Edgar

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