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Last line of songSong
Seems the only way, for reaching out again
Burning in my brain, I can feel the flame
Who the hell are you?
You crawl back in, but your luck runs out
Life's for my own, to live my own way
Broken is the promise, betrayal
Find it so grim, so true, so real
Think I'll keep it for myself, hate
Now I will just say goodbye
I'm pushing to stay with something better
It is going to take your breath away
Hear them calling me
With the (Song Title) ride, or choose your fate and die
Last line of songSong
It's nice to see you here
Back to the front
Living out this hell you always knew
It’s just the funeral I’ve been waiting for.
You're thrashing all around, acting like a maniac
I wanna hate it all away
Dance, little tin goddess, dance
Take my hand, we're off to never-never land
And I need to set my anger free, set it free
Hey, Ma! Look, it's me
In madness you dwell
Remind me of what left this (Song Title)

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