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French officer, state-backed antisemitism
Germany's army, charged with war crimes
deportation, banality of evil
co-founder of S.A., potential rival for Hitler
occupied area of Poland, main killing land
selective breeding, purify human race
study of facial features
van exhaust efficiency
Ended WW1, responsibility for war on Germans, economic chaos
clean state, blond/blue eyes
doctor, twins, Auschwitz, Angel of Death
Belzac creator, camp organizer
secret plan to kill all Polish Jews
June 22, 1941, Soviet Union invasion
Invasion of Poland, WW2 starts
economic reform, violated Versailles treaty
traitors, jews will be the last enemy
Head of RHSA, Wannsee Conference organizer
blood-related, 'the people'
Goebells' stuff
study of skull bumps
Hitler becomes Chancellor
November 9-10, 1938, first violence
1923, book, prison, ideology
Head of SS, all killings, RHSA creation, 2nd in command
order to kill in camps after euthanasia
prison experiment, absolute power
euthanasia plan
coined antisemitism, 1879
1937, Hitler's last will, fight no later than '42
deportation, British control of ports
Das Volk motivational speakers; nationalism
Marr, 1879
rat poison, superceded carbon monoxide
Head of the Gestapo
propaganda guy, Kristallnacht
boycott of Jewish businesses
January 20, 1942, Final Solution idea
group solidarity, 10% left
feed and breed, race and space
Germans living outside the Reich
Lublin reservation, 1939-1940
Hitler's designated successor, head of 4 Year Plan
September 15, 1935; antisemitic laws
Protestant Reformation man, severe antisemitism
kill all -- term
situational - group solidarity
manifest destiny, 'living space'
shock therapy, authority, white coat
systematic killing begins, stopped emigration
volitional - belief in ideology
October 1941, kill all the Jews
slave labor, cruelty as economic strategy
Post WW1, overrepresentation in military, hid
Zyklon-B idea
elite killing squad
study of the origins of language
'Jews are our misfortune'
Final Solution army, crimes against humanity, under Himmler
stormtroopers, paramilitary, fake titles
Head of General Government
Prophecy speech, annihilation referral

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