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Band's Original Name?
Which city does the band originate from?
Name of original band member who left due to 'artistic and creative differences' in 2006?
Name of the lead singer?
Name of first album (2004)
Name of second album (2006)
Name of third album (2009)
Name of fourth album (2011)
Name of fifth album (2014)
Song from fourth album on 'London Boulevard'?
Producer of the third and fourth albums?
Comedian who features in the video for 'Vlad The Impaler'?
Colour of the background of the fifth album cover?
Their highest UK charting song?
Which rapper/actor features in the remix of 'Days are Forgotten'?
Name of the B-side from 'Underdog' that the band often opened with on their West Ryder tour?
Name the song that featured on the EA Sports FIFA 2013 game?
British festival they headlined in 2012 after not playing there for seven years?

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