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Made Elvis a 'Federal Agent at Large' to help fight drugs in the US.
Supposedly, he won his election because his opponent refused to wear make up.
Had a child out of wed lock and his honesty saved him in the election.
Only president to get a speeding ticket.
Accidentally came up with the slogan 'Good to the last drop!' for Maxwell House coffee.
Coined the term 'Oval Office'.
His assassination sparked the inventions of the metal detector and the air conditioner.
Kept an alligator as a pet.
Had pet tigers given to him by the sultan of Oman.
Only president to obtain a patent.
President who was a model before becoming president.
Had pet Grizzly Bear (*Hint* given to him by Lewis and Clark).
He was shot at twice, when both guns misfired this president then lunged at his assassin and beat him with his cane.
Had a wild cat, hyena, and snakes as pets.
Pardoned Robert E. Lee and restored his citizenship.
Had secret surgery on board a yacht in New York City.
Made his own version of the Bible.
Known as the 'Buffalo Hangman' for personally performing the execution of a criminal.
Had a special bath tub made , which fit four men inside of it.
Skinny Dipped in the Potomac.

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