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Can you name the the characters who said these words from South Park?

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'Drugs are bad, m'kay?'
'No, kitty, this is my pot pie!'
'You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!'
'Hey...hey Sharon...Sharon, you gotta come see this!'
'Ready Ike? Kick the baby!'
'Loo loo loo, I've got some apples...'
'Hello there, children!'
'Mmf mmmff mff!'
'Move along people, nothing to see here!'
'Herro, wercome to schitty wok, I take yer order pree!'
'We don't take kindly to people who don't take kindly!'
'Ooh, Jesthus Cthrist!'
'I will slap you so super hard!'
'Say Terrance, I just bought a new hybrid car!'
'Wow, what a terrific audience.'
'Shut up turd!'
'I'm super, thanks for asking!'
'Butters, you are grounded, mister!'

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